Install dependable food service drop-ins into your existing cabinet or countertop
Seamless Integration: Upgrade Your Kitchen with Dependable Drop-Ins

Discover the versatile and efficient range of drop-in units from G.A. Systems, crafted to cater to diverse food service needs. Whether it’s for a salad bar, a hot food station, or a dessert display, our drop-ins seamlessly integrate into any food service environment, new or old.

Each of our drop-ins is designed with cleanliness and maintenance in mind. They feature smooth, seamless stainless steel wells, making them easy to clean and maintain. Our drop-ins are also built with energy efficiency as a priority, fully insulated to save power without compromising on performance.

For ultimate flexibility, our drop-ins come with a three-setting control to switch between hot, cold, and off modes, allowing you to serve a variety of dishes from the same station. In addition, they have a control to adjust the heating temperature, making it easy to keep food at the ideal serving temperature.

Our drop-ins offer more than just functional benefits. They also enhance the visual appeal of your food display, enticing customers to try out your delicious offerings. So whether you’re setting up a new kitchen or upgrading your current food service equipment, G.A. Systems’ drop-ins are a superb choice, combining efficiency, reliability, and style in a compact, easy-to-install package.

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Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop Ins

Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop-Ins by G.A. Systems are designed to simplify food service operations and enhance the dining experience. These versatile units can seamlessly switch between hot and cold modes, providing a flexible solution for serving a variety of dishes at optimal temperatures. Constructed with premium materials and designed for ease of use, our Hot Cold Dual Operation Drop-Ins are a crucial asset to any food service establishment seeking to streamline their serving process and maintain high quality food presentation. Also available in Slim-Line design.

Refrigerated Salad Bar Drop-Ins

G.A. Systems’ Refrigerated Salad Bar Drop-Ins are an essential tool for any establishment offering fresh, crisp salads and chilled dishes. These units are designed to keep your produce at the perfect temperature, ensuring freshness and safety. With our Refrigerated Salad Bar Drop-Ins, customers can enjoy a variety of salad options, while you can rest assured that the food quality is maintained. Easy to install and clean, they are an excellent addition to cafeterias, restaurants, or any food service venues that prioritize healthy, fresh offerings. Standard sizes accommodate 3, 4 and 5 full size food pans, although custom sizes are available. 

Steam Table Drop Ins

G.A. Systems’ Steam Table Drop-Ins are a fantastic solution for maintaining optimal serving temperatures for a variety of dishes. Whether you’re serving a buffet at a large event or catering for a smaller group, our Steam Table Drop-Ins ensure your food stays hot and appetizing. They are easy to install and operate, fitting seamlessly into your existing setup. With durable construction and energy-efficient heating, these units are an investment in quality and convenience for your foodservice operation. Available in single well to five wells standard design, or single to three wells in slim line design.