G.A. Systems’ Heated Displays: Showcase with Warmth
Better Displays, Easy Upgrades

Discover the unmatched appeal of G.A. Systems’ Heated Display Units. These premium quality showcases are designed to present your food products in the most enticing way. Crafted from robust, high-grade materials, our Heated Display Units are resilient and enduring, making them an ideal choice for bustling food service environments.

Each of our Heated Display Units is framed with sturdy stainless steel, meticulously welded to form a balanced and symmetrical structure. The hood adorning the top of the display is made from gleaming stainless steel, and its seamless construction upholds the highest standards of hygiene.

Our Heated Display Units feature two removable ends and four easily detachable doors, each equipped with smooth-gliding rollers and a sturdy handle. These units have been designed for user-friendly maintenance, allowing for easy cleaning with no need for tools.

Every Heated Display Unit is furnished with an efficient upper and lower heating system, featuring infrared strip heaters carefully situated high up in the hood for safety. Each warmer has an adjustable control allowing you to set the perfect temperature for your food.

These units are compatible with standard power outlets and come equipped with a 6-foot cord and appropriate plug.

Our Heated Display Units offer a variety of customization options including countertops in your choice of solid surface material, optional doors or pins, additional stainless steel shelves, double shelf displays, and merchandising racks.

Opt for G.A. Systems’ Heated Display Units to enjoy a top-tier merchandising solution that ensures your food products stay warm, fresh, and attractively displayed. Explore our Heated Display Units page today to discover the many advantages of our superior quality display units!

Efficient Lid Storage Solution

Benefit from the efficiency and organization of G.A. Systems’ lid storage feature. The base cabinet of our units can be fitted with robust stainless steel slides, creating a generous storage area that accommodates up to six lids from ‘Speedee-Serv’ Heated and Refrigerated Cabinets. This design optimizes space utilization, keeping your lids easily accessible and neatly arranged. Beyond just offering ample storage, we’ve also designed these cabinets with convenience and ease of maintenance in mind. The sliding doors and track that seal off the base section can be effortlessly removed, making cleaning and maintenance tasks simpler. By merging practical storage solutions with user-friendly design, we help streamline your operations and maintain a neat, efficient workspace.

High Visibility with Double-Sided Display

Maximize the appeal of your products with G.A. Systems’ high visibility double-sided displays. These display units, ideal for showcasing items at room temperature, are designed with an emphasis on transparency and accessibility. With eight individual baskets on each side, you’re provided with ample capacity for a wide variety of goods, ensuring that each item is distinctly visible and easy to access for customers. Furthermore, these individual compartments facilitate easy inventory control, enabling you to monitor and replenish your stock efficiently. Embrace a solution that not only elevates product presentation but also streamlines your operations, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.