Perfect for Window Walk Ups and Snack Bars

Optimal Temperature Control: Enhancing Food Quality and Safety

Unrivaled Durability: Built to Withstand High-Volume Kitchens

Our Heated Refrigerated Cabinets from G.A. Systems are just what you need for an improved walk-up service experience. These cabinets are a clever blend of our hot and cold serving solutions, nestled conveniently within a single cabinet. Positioned strategically between two serving windows, the server can easily reach a variety of items, be it a crisp, cold salad or a piping hot soup, all in one go.

But there’s more! Our Heated Refrigerated Cabinets also feature an upgraded display system and a host of accessories, including our popular Double Shelf Display with Heat and wire baskets. Available in a range of sizes, these accessories help you flaunt your delicious creations in the most appealing and efficient manner.

Our cabinets are built to be sturdy yet sleek, featuring a gleaming, stainless steel top that adds a touch of elegance to any serving line. The design ensures a seamless integration of the cabinet with its surroundings, making it look like it’s always been a part of your serving line.

Each cabinet is meticulously crafted with insulation to maintain the perfect temperature for your food, and we’ve added thoughtfully designed airflow louvers to keep moisture and food particles at bay. And yes, they come in a pleasing stainless steel finish that easily matches any decor.

Check out G.A. Systems’ Heated Refrigerated Cabinets today for a sophisticated solution to enhance your walk-up serving. Dive into our website and discover the countless benefits of our premium cabinets!

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Quick Change Refrigeration

What does a “Quick Change” refrigeration unit mean to you? Lower service bills, less down time and easy maintenance.  The entire refrigeration system is slides out from the cabinet. Unplug the unit, remove the two bolts from the louver panel, lift up secured bar and slide Refrigerated Snap In (RSI 1/3) unit out of cabinet.

Frost Free

Our patented refrigeration system (RSI 1/3) provides cold air that circulated from the front of the cabinet to back of the cabinet. Keeping your cold food and beverages cold even with the lids off during serving time.

Heated Well

Hot air is recirculated throughout the well and with the use of wire baskets providing space to assure that all food items from top to bottom and in the middle maintain the same quality and temperature.

Easy Cleaning

Completely sealed seamless food well makes cleaning easy. No messy spring mechanisms and unsanitary cracks and crevices. All our equipment is designed to be easily cleaned and help you meet health standards.