Revitalize Your Dining Space with Our Salad Bar Cabinets

Maximize Your Culinary Creations with Our Salad Bar Cabinets

Here at G.A. Systems, we pride ourselves in offering Salad Bar Cabinets that enhance your establishment’s dining experience. We understand that every eatery has its unique needs, so our cabinets are designed to seamlessly fit into your setup, no matter how grand or cozy it may be.

Our Salad Bar Cabinets offer a perfect balance of utility and aesthetics. They are designed to keep your fresh offerings at the optimal temperature, ensuring that your salads remain crisp and appealing throughout the service. At the same time, their sleek design adds a touch of class to your dining space, creating an environment that invites your guests to explore a world of fresh, healthy options.

Durable, efficient, and easy to maintain, our Salad Bar Cabinets are an investment that will continue to pay dividends in terms of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. We invite you to browse our selection and find the perfect fit for your food service needs. Enhance your guests’ dining experience with the fresh, appetizing display that our Salad Bar Cabinets provide. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re offering the best with G.A. Systems.

Quick Change Refrigeration

What does a “Quick Change” refrigeration unit mean to you? Lower service bills, less down time and easy maintenance.  The entire refrigeration system slides out from the cabinet. Unplug the unit, remove the two bolts from the louver panel, lift up secured bar and slide Refrigerated Snap In (RSI 1/3) unit out of cabinet.

Easy Cleaning

Completely sealed seamless food well makes cleaning easy. No messy spring mechanisms and unsanitary cracks and crevices. All our equipment is designed to be easily cleaned and help you meet health standards.

Frost Free

Our patented refrigeration system (RSI 1/3) provides cold air that circulated from the front of the cabinet to back of the cabinet. Keeping your cold food and beverages cold even with the lids off during serving time. No condensate drain required.

Sliding Lids

All our “Speedee-Serv®” Speedline Refrigerated cabinets have two lightweight sliding lift off design lids. The lids are designed to be removed during serving and stored in our lid cart providing easy access to the cold food items and beverage during serving times.