Pioneers in Increasing Student Participation and Reducing Costs in Cafeteria Serving Lines

In the bustling environment of school cafeterias, efficiency and effectiveness are key. At G.A. Systems, we specialize in optimizing cafeteria operations with two distinct types of serving lines: the expedient Grab and Go Serving Lines, known as our signature “Speedee-Serv” Speedlines, and the more conventional Traditional Serve Up Serving Lines. Our mission is to significantly enhance your food service operations while maintaining the utmost quality and safety standards.

Speedee-Serv Speedline: Redefining Grab-and-Go

Traditional Serving: Embracing Authenticity with Hot Cold Dual Operation

Welcome to a faster and more efficient way of serving meals with our Speedee-Serv Speedline. Perfectly suited for busy, high-traffic environments, this style embodies the true essence of ‘grab and go’. It includes a vast array of heated and refrigerated cabinets, each offering its unique features to cater to different food service needs. Our combined Heated/Refrigerated cabinet series are great for window walk up service, having both heated and refrigerated food and drink items at the servers reach in one cabinet. Our Merchandise cabinet series is designed as a flat top counter that can accept counter top or drop-in merchandising displays. Explore the Speedee-Serv Speedline serving systems and elevate your food service with our proven quick and convenient ‘grab and go’ solutions.

How Speedee-Serv Speedlines Improve Your Service:

Increased Participation:

Eliminate long queues during peak feeding times.
Offer students a variety of meals without increasing labor costs.
Present meals in an appealing way that attracts students.

Enhanced Food Quality:

Maintain proper serving temperatures, ensuring food safety.
Provide even and consistent heating for superior food quality.
Eliminate unnecessary double handling of food, reducing potential for contamination.

Embrace the Farm-to-Table philosophy with our Traditional Serve Up Wells, designed to showcase the freshness and variety of your offerings. When it comes to flexibility, our Hot Cold Dual Operation (HCDO) Wells are unbeatable, transitioning from heated to refrigerated in a mere 15 minutes. Now, serving a warm breakfast in the morning and a cool, fresh deli salad or sandwich by afternoon from the same well is no longer a dream.

At G.A. Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of Steam Table Cabinets, from single well to five wells, including a slimline design to suit every serving line layout. Looking for a salad bar solution? We manufacture refrigerated salad bars that are perfect for a cool, crisp display. And if you’re short on electrical outlets, we’ve got you covered with our ice-cooled salad bars. Explore the variety at G.A. Systems – your one-stop solution for all your food service needs.

Advantages of the Traditional Serve Up Line:

Fresh Food Everytime:

Serving lines make sure that your food is served in its freshest state. The absence of packaging allows for direct and appealing presentation, ensuring the freshness and quality of each meal are obvious at first sight.

Enhanced Food Presentation:

Our display solutions showcase your meals in vibrant detail, inviting students to create balanced plates and enjoy an engaging mealtime experience.

Eco-Friendly Approach:

Less packaging translates to less waste, promoting sustainability while contributing to a more responsible and environmentally friendly foodservice industry.


With G.A. Systems’ Speedee-Serv Speedline equipment, long, costly queues are transformed into streamlined, fast-moving lines, filled with students eager to enjoy their meals. The convenience of pre-dished meals greatly reduces serving times, increasing efficiency. Our innovative use of stacking wire baskets allows you to offer a delightful variety of food items in a single cabinet, making meal choices more exciting for students. These cabinets are thoughtfully designed to have sufficient capacity, eliminating the need for frequent reloading during serving time. Furthermore, our Speedline design enables students to serve themselves from both sides, effectively halving the wait time. With the addition of two cashiers working on a single Speedline, we ensure your service remains quick and efficient, keeping students moving and satisfied!