P0472 Cap Angle 4 wire 20a


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PART #: P0472

P0472 220 Volt 20 Amp Plug

The 220V 20A 4-WIRE ANGLE CAP is a specialized electrical connector designed for use in GA Systems heated cafeteria serving line cabinets. This connector is specifically rated to handle a maximum voltage of 220 volts and a current of up to 20 amps, making it well-suited for use in high-powered electrical applications.

One notable feature of this connector is its 4-wire configuration, which includes four separate wires for connecting to the electrical system. This configuration is commonly used in three-phase electrical systems, where it is necessary to separate the current-carrying wires from the neutral wire. The angle cap design of this connector allows it to be securely and easily connected to the appropriate receptacle, ensuring a safe and reliable electrical connection.

Overall, the 220V 20A 4-WIRE ANGLE CAP is a durable and reliable electrical connector that is ideal for use in GA Systems heated cafeteria serving line cabinets and other applications where high-powered electrical connections are required. Its sturdy construction and secure connection design make it a critical component for ensuring safe and reliable operation of electrical systems.