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PART #: P0605


The CONTROL KNOB, lo to Hi, 1-7 range is a user interface component used to adjust the settings of a heating or cooling system. The knob features a range of settings from low to high, typically labeled 1 to 7, that allows the user to set the desired temperature or level of output.

The knob is typically mounted on a thermostat or control panel and is used to adjust the temperature or output of a heating or cooling system. The range of settings allows for precise control of the system, with each number representing a specific temperature or output level. The knob is designed to be easy to use, with a simple twist mechanism that adjusts the settings.

The CONTROL KNOB is commonly used in various heating and cooling systems, including GA Systems heated cafeteria serving line cabinets. It is an essential component for controlling the temperature of the cabinet and ensuring that the food is maintained at the correct temperature. The knob’s range of settings allows the user to adjust the temperature to the desired level, ensuring that the food is heated or cooled as required.

Overall, the CONTROL KNOB, lo to Hi, 1-7 range is a critical component in heating and cooling systems that require precise control. Its user-friendly design and range of settings make it an essential part of any system that requires reliable and accurate temperature control.