PART #: P0761

P0761 Switch Illuminated

The Carling Technologies Illuminated Switch is designed for use in various electrical systems, including GA Systems heated cafeteria serving line cabinets. This switch features a compact design and durable construction, capable of handling a maximum voltage of 250V AC at 10 amps or 125V AC at 15 amps. Additionally, it can control a 1/2 HP motor, making it suitable for use in a range of applications.

One notable feature of this switch is its illuminated design, which provides a visual indication of its on/off status. This feature can be particularly useful in low-light conditions or when quick visual confirmation of the switch’s status is needed. The switch is also designed with a 222OR actuator, which is a rocker-style switch that provides a reliable means of controlling the switch’s position.

Overall, the Carling Technologies Illuminated Switch is a versatile and reliable component for controlling and protecting electrical systems in heated cafeteria serving line cabinets and other applications.